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If your unit's firmware is already version.71 or later, you don't need this update.

How to confirm firmware version: - Select your TeraStation in NAS Navigator2.

The firmware version is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the window.

Before updating the firmware: - Do not turn off the TeraStation until the firmware update is complete and the "finished" message is displayed.

USB drives may not be mounted automatically after updating the firmware.

To mount them, unplug and then reconnect them.

Disconnect iscsi volumes with the iscsi initiator before updating the firmware.

Notes: - Make sure the TeraStation's Ethernet frame size is set to a value smaller than that of the hub or router.

Larger frame sizes may not transfer data to the TeraStation correctly.

Updating version.40 or earlier firmware.71 will overwrite your current guest account settings.
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