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The first segment of the film revolves around the first encounter with a digimon and a fight that occurs between their digimon and another.

The two kids, Kari and Tai, raise a fast-growing digimon from an egg to a large, dinosaur-like digimon, which escapes from their house and then has an encounter and a battle with a parrot-like digimon.

The second segment mainly involves Tai and another digiDestined friend of his, Izzy.

A computer virus sweeps across the internet, effecting a digiEgg, and thus creating an infected digimon.

This infected digimon begins to start eating computer information and data, and the two protagonists attempt to stop the digimon, but fail.

After the infected digimon manages to get into the American information system and launch two nukes, one at japan and one at Colorado, Tai and Izzy get help from.

Written by, leo, plot Summary, plot Synopsis.

Plot Keywords: digimon computer internet compilation teenage boy, see All (11) taglines: New Monsters.

Now on the Big Screen.
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